My 2yr old son is severly pigeon toed, Need Help!

Evelyn - posted on 05/29/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 2 and a half years old and has been severely pigeon toed. I noticed it for a year already but when I asked his pediatrician about it he said he was just flat footed and there was nothing I could do about it but put arch shoes on him, So I did! Its been like 6 months and his feet only got worse to the point now his foot goes completely inwards towards his other ankle. So I brought him to a foot specialist today and they said that of course his pediatric doctor was completely wrong that my son does have the inward toe condition severely bad, like i said his foot can turn all the way in. He said because he is 2 and we didn't catch it earlier that his bones already formed and there's not much we can do. He said leg braces are normally used but there for younger babies and he don't think they even make it in his size. He said even if they did he's 2 hes in that stage of being stubborn and he wouldnt want to wear them anyways. So he prescribed special shoes that he needs to wear all day he also showed me a massaging technique to push his bones in the right direction. He also told me to watch when he sleeps to make sure when he sleeps on his stomach to not sleep like in a frog position which is what he normally does and to make sure he sits strait and basically so anything to make sure his bones in his feet and legs are getting turned in the other direction. Has anyone had this problem that can share there case or any advice it would be soo much appreciated. Looking forward in reading your posts. Thanks!


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Valerie - posted on 06/02/2012




I'm not a doctor (yet) but I can tell you what I would do. Get him some skates and let him skate his little butt off as much as he can. My son had the opposite problem - he feet pointed outward. Surgery was discussed initially, but when we changed doctors (thankfully!), the doctor said to get him some skates because it would be impossible for to skate properly without correcting the position of his feet. He also told me his daughter had the same problem as my son and that's what he did with her and it worked. I let my son skate whenever he wants (something I'll have to mend later lol) and I have seen a significant improvement. It's almost impossible to tell now that his feet weren't always straight in front of him :)

Louise - posted on 05/30/2012




My daughter is 3.5 and I picked this up with her about the age of two as she was constantly falling over. We were refered to a biomechanical specialist who has made inserts for her shoes and she goes every three months for a check up. We also have jumping exercises to do and flexing and pushing the foot. The theory is that as her bones get stronger they will adapt her foot. Although she still falls it is not as much. She will always have to have inserts in her shoes, so no girlie sandals for her.

My daughter also sleeps like a frog and I correct her position when she is asleep and also she is not allowed to sit on her feet when knealing. She will never be a marathon runner, but as long as she is not falling flat on her face every 5 minutes I can cope with that.

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