my 3 1/2 year old has started his nursery in a formal school. its been only a month and i am in a state of depression.. he is hitting other kids at school and sometimes he pulls hair. but there are days when he behaves but the teachers at school have zero tolerance. after one week at school the teacher and the headmistress was literally shouting at me.... saying that they cannot handle my kid. but he is not all that badly behaved.... he knows that he is doing wrong by pulling hair but i dont know why does he do it.... they asked us to seek professional help but the child psychologist assured me that there is nothing wrong with him.. just that he needs some help with his behaviour.... but sometimes its really upsetting most of the time he is very happy and friendly....... but at times he gets into these sort of things. the teachers are not helping either........ she says he hit me i cannot control him.... i have to see other kids as well... but i can understand the problem but at school i cannot do anything about it.... i think they even whack him at school because sometimes when u scold him he keeps showing his hand or knuckles to hiit him.........the teacher is literally telling me to take him away from school... but neither me nor the psychologist feels that he is such a monster... infact a lot of people are telling me that he is gonna be just fine....


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He is still in the settling in period. It sounds like the teacher is not at all equipped to deal with small children. It may be best all round if you do move him elsewhere, where the staff are more caring and understanding.

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He's NOT a monster, he is 3 and a half. For God's sake, what is wrong with his teachers? You seriously need to arrange a meeting with the school principal and your son's teachers. Have a report from the psychologist in front of you and tell them that he is normal and they need to explore their methods in dealing with him. They need to modify the techniques they are using. He is a little boy. He is still learning his social skills. Just like learning his ABC's and his 123's, it is going to take time. Some days he will be just great and other days he will need a little extra help. As his teachers it is up to them to give him that extra help when he is in their care. They are failing your son and you need to get tough with them. I know it is daunting and scary (I have recently gone through something similar) but stand tall and be strong. You are the voice for your little boy and you know him better than anyone. If they are so stuck that they can't deal with your little man, then perhaps he would be better off in a school that can nurture him and accept him for who he is and help to guide him in his journey, not in the care of ignorant adults that can't even stop look and listen to you and your boy. Good luck to you. :-)

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