My 3.5yr old wont eat a vegetable to save his life!!!

Denyce - posted on 07/07/2015 ( 1 mom has responded )




When my son was able to eat solids, I made all his food (meats, veggies and fruits) and he LOVED it. He would eat every veggie under the sun, even parsnips (thats more than I can say about myself) but now he refuses to eat any! He will literally cry and make himself throw up if it is in his mouth. I have tried giving him canned, fresh/raw, steamed and even baked.. every way has been seasoned just like I would normally make it and exactly as I seasoned it when I would make it for him as a young pup. I am going insane for him to eat a veggie. I know I need to pick my battles, but this one I dont want to drop. I have bent on his food choices and made sure that if he is going to eat a PB&J every day, that it is low-fat PB with sugar free jelly and to drink no sugar chocolate milk. I really need some advice on veggies, please. I do give him a daily vitamin, but I just dont know if that is enough to replace what he doesnt eat.


Dove - posted on 07/07/2015




He doesn't need low fat PB and sugar free is 'code' for... toxic chemicals that are worse than sugar. If you want to go 'sugar free' you can get Smucker's Simply Fruit spread instead.

Does he eat fruit? I wouldn't stress about the no veggies thing... just casually keep offering them on his plate and let him decide what he does and does not eat.

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