My 3.96 straight a student university bound is 2 months pregnant and has to go to comm. college help

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Erin - posted on 06/22/2011




That must be very disappointing to you. How does she feel about it? Community College is still going to allow her to accrue college credits. Make sure that they transfer to the college of her choice, if that's in the plan. Easy to do by contacting the admissions dept.'s. I'm sure you are feeling a lot of things, but hang in there. She's not going to die from it. As rough as it seems, it really could be worse... (and I'm sorry)

Laura - posted on 06/21/2009




Nothing against a community college (I've attended both) but why can't she go to a University? My first baby was while at a University.

Julia - posted on 06/21/2009




Getting pregnant in college is not the end of the world. I found out I was pregnant with my first child my sophmore year in college. I took year off to get my plans straight. I stayed in an off campus apartment and sent my daughter to a campus approved childcare center. 4 kids and a college degree later all I can say is check out all your available resources through the university before you change all your plans. Many universities have childcare centers, family housing and other resources for people with children.

Melanie - posted on 06/21/2009




What's wrong with going to community college? They are just as good and less expensive than universities. There also may be a babysitting center in the building too if you can't babysit for her. Yes it will be hard but I hope it all works out for her.

Betsy - posted on 06/21/2009




I had our son a week before my final exams as a high school student, with a 4.0 GPA. I started out like others have said with my core classes at a community college, then transferred going pre-law. I continued my education, by then married with our second child. With a good support system and ambition, which depending on the mom can be increased having a family and those responsibilities, anything is possible for her future. Now still happily married with 5 children, our oldest now a 19 yr old college student himself, I am so glad I didn't listen to those who felt by getting pregnant so young, I had to forfeit my educational goals and future. Is it the easiest way? No way, and I wouldn't recommend it to any young girl as a planned choice, but with a lot of hard work and drive, it can be done.

Karen - posted on 06/21/2009




My daughter is 4 months pregnant and has had to change all of her plans. Instead of living in the dorm she has chosen to attend a local community college for her core classes (which is cheaper for me) and her plans are still to continue to college after her core classes. Is it going to be easy for her? No, but I will be there to support her anyway I can. I want her to get her degree so she can support herself and the baby when the time comes for her to move out. Things happen for a reason and I think this baby will be a blessing to the whole family.

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No need to think of a community college as inferior or less-than-perfect. For a new, young mom-to-be, the community college might be the best thing for your daughter. It's certainly a lot cheaper than a university, and 100 & 200 level courses tend to be slightly easier. Community colleges offer more flexible scheduling than universities, which might be perfect for your daughter. Some college is better than no college, right? Focus on your daughter's pregnancy and guide her through this time in her life. Best of luck to you both :-)

Mindi - posted on 06/21/2009




She could also choose to attend a community college for a couple of years to get her basic courses while being a new mom. Then she could finish at a university. There are many options for open-minded. :)

Beth - posted on 06/19/2009




I agree with Angel. Though I didn't attend a community college, it is not the end of the world. There are some great comm. colleges. Also she could attend college online. I am returning to college online to get my masters. Also my best friend is the mother of two attending a traditional college. It can be done. She just has to decide which option is the best for her.

Angel - posted on 06/19/2009




Why would she have to? Also what is wrong with a community college? I had a gpa just under that, and chose to go to a community college. I also finished my degree with a newborn child

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