My 3 month baby do not react good to soy or milk foramula. She vomits most of it. Is goat milk a option?


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Andrea - posted on 03/07/2014




My oldest had Milk Allergy was able to have Soy... Had Very bad Reflux
My middle was only able to Nurse or Goats Milk... Had VERY VERY bad Reflux..
My youngest was just like that, from the day he was born... We tried Reflux meds { they did nothing} We started with regular formula, Then at a month old we switched to Soy formula, then at 3 months they had us try Smiliac Sensitive tummy. { did not help} this went on for 5 months with doctors telling me it was nothing and that I was over reacting} So at 4 months old my husband and I went and got goats milk, he puked that up as well, We stuck with each formula for at least a month to be sure it was the formula and not just in our heads.. So at 5 months old we went and I stood in the formula isle for 2 hours reading every can then we found Nutramigen... With in 24 hours he stopped puking, started smiling more, cooing, laughing and ect... He was a total different baby.. We found out he is allergic to Dairy, Soy and Goats Milk.. He is now 13 months old and is on Almond Milk and a dairy, soy free diet... He goes back in June for more testing... Hope this is helpful.. Take care and Best Wishes....

~♥Little Miss - posted on 03/07/2014




Yes it is. Please discuss it further with your pediatrician, but I know my mom used goats milk on us as children. I know it is an alternative, but please seek medical advice, because there may be underlying medical reasons your baby is having this issue.

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