My 3 month baby is sick! he has a runny nose, coughing watery eyes and he seems really uncomfterble... i feel bad couse i dont know how to help him im giving him pediacare and his tempetuer is fine...also im breast feeding and im sick maybe thats how he got sick! =/ should i stop breast feeding? or what can i do?


Amy - posted on 11/19/2012




Don't stop breastfeeding, you are passing antibodies to him through the breastmilk and that's the best thing for him. How long has he been sick for? I would probably call the pediatrician and see what they say about the cough. There isn't much you can do otherwise you can try putting a humidifier in the room, you can use a suction to clear out his nose, and you can try and prop the baby up by putting a pillow under the crib mattress to try and keep him somewhat elevated at night to help him sleep. I'm not sure what pediacare is but unless the pediatrician said to use it I would stop.

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