My 3 month old baby girl only sleeps in her swing at night. During the day she doesn't mind to sleep in her bed. But at night she must be in her swing. I only swing her for about 10 min and she falls asleep. Any advice?


Nivea - posted on 06/12/2013




Well if that's the only way she can sleep enjoy well it lasts. Also as a Mother myself if your able to get your zzzzz's well she sleeps in the swing enjoy it. Soon you can get her into a routine&get her to sleep in her crib. It all takes times but it always works out in the end. -CHEERS-


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♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 06/12/2013




She'll get into the new routine of you swinging her and then putting her to bed. She's adaptable, and she's only 3 months old.

It is not safe, nor is it recommended for baby to sleep for hours in the swing. They can asphyxiate themselves easily. (positional asphyxiation) And, ESPECIALLY if you are sleeping at the same time, it's a big NO!

It is not easy during the first months, I know this, but you have to be consistent. The sooner you start transitioning her into a crib, the better for both of you.

~♥Little Miss - posted on 06/12/2013




If you are also going to sleep, no it is not safe for an infant to stay in a swing. If she is falling asleep in the swing and you are moving her once she is asleep, yup it is fine.

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