my 3 month old is spitting up after every feeding. can i start to spoon feed him rice?

Emily - posted on 11/11/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




after every feeding (breast or formula) and most of the time is like right after 1-5 minutes after! but most of the time he wants to eat a lot. he isn't getting full with his bottle feedings so i was wondering if its too soon to start to give him rice cereal with a spoon?


Sarah - posted on 11/11/2013




I would talk with your doc first. 3 months is still pretty early to start with cereal. If he is spitting up after every feeding there might be other issues going on such as reflux. If you have not already tried these here are some tricks to help with the spitting up that might help. Make sure he is burping good, when feeding or awhile after feeding keep baby calm and no big movements, allow baby to sit upright for about 20-30 mins. after a feeding. Some doctors have recommended using the "Dr. Brown" bottles to help with reflux and spitting up. Also make sure you are not overfeeding. Sometimes babies will eat when they have an upset tummy, because they do not know the difference between hunger and upset tummy. So seeming like they are very hungry, but really they just have a tummy ache.

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