My 3-month-old son has begun startling himself awake every 10-15 minutes.

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My son has always had a moro reflex, but just last week, he has begun startling himself awake from his naps every 10-15 minutes. This has made it very difficult to accomplish anything during his nap time, and he is tired all of the time. I thought babies were supposed to start outgrowing the moro reflex at this age? Is something wrong with him? Can I do anything to help him sleep? Will it go away on its own?


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Do you swaddle wrap him when you lay him down? The swaddling can help reduce babies from waking themselves because it keeps their limbs closer to their body,when they do startle. Don't be alarmed, but I'd also speak with his Dr. first, to rule out any other possible reason he's waking. I believe sleep apnea tends to wake babies around 15 mins after they fall asleep also. Follow your intuition. He'll sleep well soon.Good Luck

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Do you swaddle him? My baby liked to be swaddled until he was almost 6 months old. It kept him from waking himself up.


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We use the zipadee zip for our LO and it worked wonderfully when she startled herself. It gently let her arms down so that she didn't wake up. I was amazed! We swaddled her before using the zippy.

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My son started doing the same thing about that age, and I started putting him on his belly to sleep, and it worked great! I couldn't keep my son in a swaddle even more; even when his dad wrapped him (and he was really good at wrapping really tight and secure), my son was able to wiggle out, wave his arms around, and wake himself up. If your son has good head and neck control, it should be safe to put him on his belly. My son still sleeps on his belly (he is 7 months now), and prefers it over any other position.

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i agree i swaddled my kids til they were a year old hahah! they would hit themselves in the face and wake up. i always wrapped them as tight as i could and they slept for a long time hahha good luck

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