My 3 month old wakes up every 2 hours through out the night?!!


Shawnee - posted on 01/23/2013




I have read that a nightly routine is best for babies, including a warm bath and lotioning possibly a book or sing a song afterwards. I never had any luck with that. My son was a great baby slept 9 hours at night, hardly woke up during day. But my daughter was like that, waking up every few hours through the night and still does usually. Although i found something that helped is making it almost hot in her room helped her sleep better, and to be very quiet cause mine is a very light sleeper and any little noise would wake her. i currently have my thermostat at 78 just so she sleeps better. I also figured after being awake so many times that my husband would role around and our headboard would bang against the wall, never noticed it sleeping, but that could be possible. With mine its just trial and error, try stuff and try stuff again. Good luck and remember if nothing works they will grow out of it! LOL, atleast thats what im telling myself.


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Lady Heather - posted on 01/23/2013




Lol. My kid kept doing that until just a couple of weeks ago. And she is 15 months old. You could have a long sleepless road ahead. Tried all the tricks and the only thing that worked was weaning her. You know how the experts tell you that breastfeeding doesn't make a difference to their sleep? Not always true. LOL. I certainly do not recommend that at three months old obviously. But just saying that for some kids it is harder than others. At three months though, this is fairly normal as far as I know. You do get used to not sleeping after a while. Sad but true.

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