my 3 y/o has seperation issues

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my 3rd child, 3yo, has seperation issues with me, I cannot leave a room without him following, also wont sleep in his bed, he has attended creche (child care) since he was 6 mths, 2 days per week, I have had enough and need help! I never went through this with my other 2 kiddies! can anyone PLEASE help me???


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Kylie - posted on 09/02/2011




Teresa my little man wakes during the night rolls over and touches my face to make sure I am still there, JuLeah, I did have him in 5 days but was worse and now that my work hrs havebeen cut I simply cannot afford to have him in more than the 2 days, you have some great ideas will definately be giving them all a go, Thank you both very much! :)

JuLeah - posted on 09/02/2011




2 days per week is hard on kids. Each time, it is like they are the new kid. Kids that go for short periods of time every day seem to do better in my opinion

As for the seperation stuff ... play hide and seek with him - easy easy hiding spots, like under a blanket -

play games where you cover toys and ask him if they are still there ... out of sight and gone forever for many kids, it takes time to learn object perminance - things are still there even if you can't see them

So, if your son walked out of the room and you believed that meant he had fallen off the planet never to be seen again... well, your'd follow him around too :)

Ohh, play games where you are around the corner talking to him - he can't see you but can hear you - maybe play phones or something ... anything to teach him the concept

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Help? No. Sympathy? Yes.

My 3 year old will not go pee w/out me in the bathroom at home (even though he's been fully potty trained for 8 months). We co-sleep since he doesn't have a bedroom, but even though he has his own bed RIGHT next to mine... he has to be right next to me, touching me when he falls asleep.

He has actually gotten a lot better than he used to be, so I figure it's just a matter of time... and patience. He recently started preschool 2 days/week and is actually STARTING to adjust to it. When we are together though.... it's all about being right w/ Mommy.

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