My 3 year old doesn't want to feed himself most of the time...

Diana - posted on 09/30/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




My son is 3 years old and requests to be fed instead of eating on his own. I started letting him eat on his own late (around one or one and a half) to avoid messes, but got over myself and let him hash it out on his own. But my mother watches him frequently and if he lags in eating or asks, she will feed him to save time and make sure he eats enough. I normally demand he feed himself and keep on him to eat a sufficient amount, but most times he doesn't eat very much. I tell him only babies need to be fed and he's a little kid that should be able to feed himself. His doctor insists he won't let himself starve and will eat what he needs to eat, but short of feeding him or letting him eat off of my plate, does anyone have any suggestions for getting him to eat on his own consistently?


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Monica - posted on 09/30/2011




My daugther does not like to get her hands dirty, so I have to feed her if there is no fork, spoon or if its a pop... Otherwise she eats fine, own her own.
My son gives me a harder time, he eats on his own, we'll let him eat until he says he's full and ask for his fruit and dessert... Then we just tell him that he needs to eat another spoonful before his fruit... It works for now [specially when I said that I he's spoon was not full, so he has to do it again].
He is small, a picky eater, but he does fine. He eats very little, but of everything. And if we find that he ate too little we offer him a banana that is a lot more complete, just after, he'll eat his chocolate... [bare in mind, kids always are full for food and can still eat their dessert... ]
I would not feed him, let him do it. It's easier and faster to do things for them, but give him the authority of a big boy to do that.
Maybe if he helps you to prepare the dinner he'll be more interested in eating it.
Good luck with your son.

Connie - posted on 09/30/2011




be consistent, if you give in and feed him he will continue to ask and talk to your mother and let her know what the plan is so you are both on the same page. he has to learn to feed himself and while I know it is hard to think he is not getting enough, he will eat when he gets hungry. finger foods are a good way to encourage him to feed himself, if there is no silverware invovled it is less of a temptation to resort to feeding him. good luck and God bless

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