my 3 year old is still failure to thrive any other moms have this issue?

Jessica - posted on 08/05/2012 ( 3 moms have responded )




ok calling all mothers out there i am one mother who at this point is at a loss. My son was born full term on oct 2 2009.. shortly after we found out he had a heart condition known as Tetralogy of Fallot. He had poor feeding right from the beginning and his bottles had to be made with double the calories. Did i mention he was only 6lbs 6oz when he was born (both his father and i also were 6lb babies) he had his heart repair at 5 months old and was starting to show interest in different foods that were presented to him At around 1 years of age he totally 360 on us and became very SELECTIVE on what foods he will eat. If he is unfamiliar with the food he will not take it. He eats his three meals a day but it consists of frozen chicken strips, cinamon sticks, and chips and junk food all day anything that is offered he flat out refuses. he has been seen by behaviorlist who said he scored perfectly developmentally and he is just a picky eater. he sees a cardiologist once a year for his heart and his heart is in good condition considering the defect he had and they claim that isnt a reason for him to be small he isseeing pulminary specialist because he was having constant bouts of croup where he would pretty much stop breathing and would have to be wisked to the hospital and given an oral steroid. it was deemed he had stridor with trachea of malacia and was put on an inhaled steroid through a neb twice a day. i have seen numerous dieticians, and gi specialist who did a gastric emptying test and an endochrinologist who didnt tell us crap, his pediatrician even pointed the finger at us and said we were not feeding him eough so imade her offer him different food just to see how he sticks his nose up to it.(favorite food is ice cream sandwhiches). he has had more blood drawn then i think i have in my body and it shows low albumin levels(big shock there), and anemia with slight decrease in his wbc yet nothing. he was also even place on periacton 2 times a day which is supposed to increase his appetite with no my son is a happy boy who is extrememly inteligent. he is50 %for head circumfrince and 45%for height his weight he is in the 3percentie and has been 22lbs for 2 years now. he was also tested for glutein and wheat allergies which were negative. he is on a multivitamin and pepcid for acid reflux even tho a test was never done to prove he had it. i have it so they went on a hunch. i recently agreed to go into the hospital because it was wearing thin on me to get him to the 5 different doctors that they wanted me to go see so his pediatrician and i agreed to go into the hospital and have them do a bunch of tests to find out the problem.. well let me tell you that did not happen. they counted his calories for 3 days only to find that in deed he does get enough calories (did i mention he drinks three cans of pediasure a day)and then to do a head mri that was normal. we spent 5 days in the hospital and got no answers. we are now home and back at square one with the multiiple doctors appointments to weigh him. i am sorry this is so long and there is more i could tell you but i feel this is enough to let you know how much my child and me and hisfather have been through withno help. i am clearly frustrated and wonder if there are anyother people out there with this problem. thank you ladies for reading. o and lastly despite how small he is he is EXTREMELY HYPER :) also we have wasted more money then we know by buying different kinds of food and introducing them to him only for him to not even take a second look at it he will clamp his mouth shut and refuse to eat


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My son is older than your child but at the age of 5 was in the 3rd percentile for weight. Even at the percentile my doctor would never label him as a failure to thrive because even though he was at such a low percentile for weight (not gaining) he was still getting taller. Failure to thrive as my doctor explained it to me is when they stop gaining weight and aren't getting taller. It sounds like your son is following a good curve for his height so it could be that he's just not gaining enough to counter balance his growth in his height (if that makes sense). Honestly if he's hitting all his other milestones and keeps getting taller I wouldn't be too concerned, however if he starts dropping off for both than I would be concerned. Obviously that's just my opinion and you should talk to your doctor about it.


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Jessica - posted on 08/06/2012




He has no clinical signs of drafism his appearance is compltetely normal and his skeletal structure is normal..his pediatrician is of no help as she is the one who has sent us in circles with still no answers and he has been off the growth chart since day one..i am just so frustrated that my son keeps being put through all of this when indeed he could just be small

Alecia - posted on 08/05/2012




if he's small and not growing, has anyone considered a form of dwarfism?? or something similiar?

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