My 3 year old is very attached to the grandparents. I am expecting another baby and my 3 year old loves the baby. Yesterday we had a scan appointment and once we were getting ready to go my in-laws arrived. Then my son refused to go to the scan appointment and I was so mad..................... I think it is ok to attach to grand parents to some extent but when it gets to extremes I get really frustrated. Has anyone faced this kind of situation? I feel really bad now and If this attachment is a normal behavior for how long (Until what age) does that last? please help


Amy - posted on 09/10/2012




My son is 6 and is still very attached to his grandparents. They live in another state so he only gets to see them about once a month or on summer vacations. When the come visit up until 6 months ago we couldn't do anything with him or for him, now if they are busy with his sister (2 1/2) we will suffice. However my daughter will wait until one of them can do it for her. I'm not really sure why you are frustrated I love that I get a mini break once a month, but I could see how if it was on a daily basis it would be frustrating. I think your best bet is to try and set boundaries with your in-laws, so if you have an appointment let them know you're busy and they can come over later.

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