my 3 year old is very pushy and cheeky, anyone relate?

JENIQUE - posted on 07/01/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




my 3 year old is becomming impossible, she never used to be like this, she was sweet and quiet but now, she wants everything her way, she WILL NOT listen to us, she WILL do everything we say shes not allowed to, when i say no she will show me that she WILL, whe smacks my hand away when i come near her, she hits my husband in the face when he says no, when we punish her she just take it lightly, when we hit her bum she sais hit my bum, im naughty. i dont know what to do because its hard coming home from work, doing everything in the house and still having to deal with this and i just get so worked up, im scared im going to snap. help, what can we do?

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