my 3 year old please any advice will help

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My son is 3 years old and has tons of energy tons i am looking for any ideas on different activites to do with him his attention span is very short he likes playin games , dancein , singing, but gets bored very easy and when he is done there is no more for him his too older brothers try to help by playing games with him but he is stuborn and if it dont go his way, i can not walk away from him to use the restroom , make lunch please anybody with any type of advice i would appercaite, i am willing too do just about anything to come too a happy medium oh i am sorry i was not specific when i walk away he destroys anything he can example is pull my dvd collection out and refuse to put them back he is very head strong and if he dont want too he wont time outs is a very big struggle , please help desprate for anyone that has advice, but in his defense he is a very loving little boy and is very affectionate thank you

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I think you need to make a schedule for your son so that he can understand his day. You need to give him a set time to play and a set time for quiet time and so on and stick to the routine as best you can. As for the time outs make his bedroom safe and put a stair gate on his door. When he misbehaves place him in his room and walk away. Let him act out and shout and when he has quietened down go back and talk to him and explain what he has done wrong. It is important to get him to tidy his things away and help out as you have three kids and if they all refused to tidy up you would be in a mess. Reward good behaviour with cuddles and smiles and once he has learnt the routine you should get a much more relaxed child. I have a two year old and she has a routine:

7.45 am Up dressed and breakfast
9.00 am Craft play, either painting or glueing
10.30 Outside play in the garden
11.30 Tv for pre schoolers
12.00 Lunch
12.30 Bed time
2.30 Up and snack time
3.00 Food shopping or out time
4.30 Help me in the house with chores
5.30 Dinner
6.00 Free play
8.00 Bath and Bed

This routine stays about the same every day but our craft activites do vary from finger painting and clay modeling and just simple cut and stick or junk model making. Her food and sleep pattern never changes as this is very important. No matter where we are we put her down for a nap at 12.30. Try making a routine for your son and see if this helps. My daughter is so used to her routine now she knows what is happening and when and is very relaxed.

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Does he get lots of time outside? It may help him to run off some of his pent up energy in the garden or park, if you have one nearby.

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I would put him in preschool a couple of times a week. It would give him something to do, learn how to socialize with other kids, help you out and give him some play structure. The best thing I ever did was put my daughter in PS.

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Hello! I can sympathize with you totally, my son is now 5 and I just don't know where he gets the energy!
My advice is one- try not to exhaust yourself keeping him entertained. Going from one activity to the next back to back is tiring! Try doing a little repetition- pick maybe 2 or 3 of the things he likes to do most for a little while and each time try to do them for a little longer. I wouldnt advise going over 5-10 minutes tho because no matter who the child is that gets pretty boring. And if he is the destructive sort when you walk away, knock the dvd's out with him! Then try singing a little song to teach him to put them away, sometimes with hand over hand help. And when you have to do things like use the restroom you can try putting up one of those wall papers for him to draw on (and I strongly advise using crayola's magic stuff- things that arent permanent lol.) Have him make lunch with you. Sounds to me like hes very attention hungry so try to involve him in everything you do. Hang in there, soon enough he will be in school and you will find yourself wishing he was there with you getting into everything. :) Hope this helps a little!

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