My 3 year old son doesnt eat fruits or veggies :S help!

Lili123 - posted on 06/02/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




My 3 year old son wont eat any fruit, and just doesnt like it, whenever he takes a bit he just spits it out, ive tried putting fruit in a mixer and giving it to him that way, but somehow he notices that its fruit please help, any way to trick him into eating fruits and veggies? :S


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Vanessa - posted on 06/06/2013




So many kids are like this.
A couple ideas that worked for mu finiky kids (and I was a finiky kid too)

Grow your own Cherry tomatoes. Or little lemon tomatoes. They are wonderfully sweet. All you need is a big pot and a sunny window. Kids love to eat plants from the vine. It's such a novelty.

Frozen blueberries with a dusting of sugar and a tbs of milk, mix together wait a moment for the blueberries to thaw slightly. It's like a bowl of popsicles.

Brainwash him into thinking he likes fruits. "Oh, you are missing the most wonderful thing in the world! Oh! fruits are sooo amazing...!!

Try dried fruits, like raisins and dried apples, dried cherries.

It's the season for picking. Take him too a blueberry, strawberry, rasberry farm. You should be able to find them online. GIve him a little container, he will eat them, I swear.

And i know it's not fruit, but, Grated carrots and zucchini can go into any meat loaf or burger without anyone ever knowing.

He'll come around when he find his perfect fruit. Bon Apetit!

Lili123 - posted on 06/06/2013




ive tried being strict, i feel like ive tried almost everything, tricking him, making little shapes and trying to make eating veggies and fruits fun, but he just some how doesnt like them, i dont him to have any problems with his health. also he isnt much of a kid that eats chocolates and sweets like other children, he like the salty food :D bread with butter, french toast, mashed potatoes..
when he was a baby he found all food really tasty, like peaches, he loved peaches but now he seems really grossed out by fruit....

Danielle Elizabeth - posted on 06/02/2013




I would not offer anything else sweet. When my daughter was a baby I always offered her fruits and veggies and for the 1st 15 months ( except her 1st birthday when she had cake) fruit was the sweetest thing she tasted so eating watermelon was basically like eating a cookie for her. Did your child never like fruits and veggies or did he Just all of a sudden become picky? If he is just going through a stage then I would keep encouraging him to try it and hopefully the stage passes. You can talk to your pedi about drinks made for toddlers that help replace some of the nutritious foods he is missing in his diet too.

Karla - posted on 06/02/2013




My daughter is a toddler, see's her cousins pick what they want to eat and started doing the same. So i told her she will eat what i give her or not eat, when she got really hungry she would start to eat her food. It's a little tough at first but being a little strict helps them see that it won't be their way. Plus now she loves fruit and veggies. Stay strong and hope it works out.

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