My 3 year old son is driving me nuts.I don't know what to do anymore:(

Kiya - posted on 03/03/2016 ( 5 moms have responded )




My 3 year old son does not ever listen. I feel it has to do with him getting spanking since he was 1 years old (his father). I was never a fan of spankings but his dad thought it worked. I did not spank my daughter and i can see a major difference. My son is aggressive and stubborn and does not listen. If you tell him to do something he just stands there and cry even if you spank him he just looks at you angry with his arms crossed. I feel like spanking have made him immune to timeouts. I don't know. Now that his father is out of the picture( divorce soon) I want to change things up and not have to use spanking but it is soo hard, He does not listen. He rips things for fun. He bites the cat. He runs in the store and I have to chase him. I am over whelmed now that I am alone with no husband, He was the one that disciplined. I feel like I am stuck with the mess he created because of his parenting styles. I was the one that worked so my children was always at home with an impatient, angry man who played video games all day, What do I do? Is it too late to start retraining my kid.


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No it is not too late to train up a child but you should have had a hand in it from the beginning. All the spanking in the world does nothing most of the time. If he does runs in the store, leave. If he rips things up, take those kinds of things out of his reach and tell him no. If he bites the cat, tell him no that hurts no more biting. As for hiting and other things you have to be firm with the no's and keep consistent with what you do. He has to learn you mean business. What did you do with your daughter? Try those things.


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Promise - posted on 03/05/2016




Oh my dear you have to be patient with him ,he's a child after all,as for now that the father is not with you anymore, discipline him with your own way,but not spunking him ,

Dove - posted on 03/05/2016




Counseling w/ a therapist that specializes in young children might be an excellent idea. They can work w/ your child on appropriate behaviors through play therapy and work w/ you on parenting strategies and help to hold you accountable and be a support system for you as well.

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First, you and your husband made a choice to divorce, so you have to get used to single parenting with a co parent.

Second, even WITH a divorce, you have absolutely NO RIGHT to deny the child the right to his father. That isn't going to change.

At this point, you need to be consistent, and you need to be swift. Redirect the behaviour that you do not like, that you want to change. Biting the cat? That's a whole other issue, and I would also suggest therapy. I'm amazed the cat didn't bite the kid back.

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