My 3 year old son - Is he gifted ?

Maggy - posted on 02/15/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




hello everyone

I am maggy and I am new to this circle. I have a 3 year old son who is extremely interested in learning. He turned 3 in Jan 2014. He know how to read and write A to Z , 1 to 20 in english and spanish. He reads all the 3 letter words and most of the 4 letter words. He can count objects and write the number of how many objects on a worksheet. I brought a USA map puzzle with capitals for my 7 year old but my son finishedsolving the 50 piece puzzle in 10 mins.
I don't mean to sound like a bragging mom but he wants to learn and I am lost asto what to do with him. He writes his name and can read all the names of his classmates when written on a paper,

What do you do with a child like this ? He keeps wanting more and my worry is that he will get bored in school as they have just started with alphabet recognition.

Please advise

Thank you


Ev - posted on 02/15/2014




Do not push things. Let him lead you on this to a point. Get him things that interest him. Try other puzzles that are more complicated, read with him not just let him read all the time as this will help him build more on what he has already learned to do, give him an outlet to do arts and crafts so he can focus his energy to that as well. Does he know his colors too? That will help with arts and crafts. Let him use his imagination too. Do not focus so much on going over ABC's, 123;s and reading as he has been doing. Project it into the world around him such as when outside playing ask him to see how many flowers for instance he can find. Ask him to find so many rocks. But just because he is ready for the academic stuff do not let him loose out on playing as this also teaches him a lot of things like problem solving, role playing to see how someone else might do something like playing daddy or child when playing house, let him pretend to cook, be a mechanic, things like that.

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