MY 3 year old was attacked by dog while neighbors watched and Im being accused of abuse

Shantell - posted on 05/08/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




Friday May 4th I was setting up for a yard sale I was distracted from my 3 year old daughter for a few minutes while i moved a large pice of furnature. I returned my attention to my daughter but she was not there so I went inside our home to look for her. When I found she was not there I walked south over to our neighbors house. My daughter likes to play hide and seek and she always goes to the south neighbors becouse they have kids and they spoil her. anyhow i get to the neighbors and she is not there. Now i panic and run back to my house calling for her jump in my van and head north up the road she never goes north but this time she did and I found her 2 houses up being attacked by a black lab it was shaking her head like animals do to kill there prey and biting her and digging into her skin. I had to beat the dog off my daughter. I herd someone say something about leaving the dog alone but was to focused on saving my baby to look around at the voice. I imediatly dove her a few blocks up the road to a firends house to call for help as I didnt have phone service that day. The ambulance and police showed up the paramedics said they couldnt find any puncture wounds i told them i seen the dog bite her and she was very swollen the police officer said he would go look for the dog. The paramedics said i couldnt ride with my 3 year old to the hospital in the ambulance so i said i was taking her and I did i rushed her to the er she was covers in claw marks bruises and bite marks but no blood so the doctor said shes fine go home. I wasnt happy with that my husband insisted they clean her up she had dog poo mud and grass all stuck to her wounds and to bring ice as she was bruising badly. 2 days passed and I learned the dog was never removed I went to the police station and they accused me of abusing my daughter and making the marks even thow the owner told me the neighbor watched my baby being attacked the entire time and did NOTHING as she cryed for help. The dog owner said i am a bad mother and i abuse her I do not she is a very happy healthy very much loved sweet little girl she is our miracle. 3 days later the dog is still there and SRS is visiting my daughter at school and my neighbors asking what type of mom I am and if they seen me abuse her absolutly NOTHING about the dog that attacked her. Yes It was my fault for letting myself be distracted and i will never forgive myself for that but I did not hurt my baby and im disgusted by the news of the onlookers who did nothing to save my baby. I want to know what I can do. Can I press charges against them for not calling for help or helping her? if not can i atleast sue I want them to understand there atctions are unacceptable and people like that should be more then ashamed they should go to jail. Also i have beged the police to take the dog its manditory that all dogs who attack have to be taken for 10 days. If I cant get the dog punished is there anything I can do against the owner? they issued a citation for having a dog off the leash but it also attacked my daughter on the owners property there has to be something i can do. I wont just sit back and let these disgusting humanbeing get away with what they allowed to happen. The police disgust me to they made me cry at the station infront of my daughter and said if i did not go back to the er and have a tetnis shot given to my daughter and bring them back her records they would take her from me. I get to the er and the social worker called the chief who was the one who did this to me and told him they would not give her another shot becouse she is already up to date on all her shots including tetnis and if they wanted her medical records they have to have a supena at which the chife of police said i could to sign a release form I did as i have nothing to hide but i shouldnt be treated this way and my baby shouldnt be treated like she was gum on the bottom of a shoe i wish i could post pictures it would make you sick


Maja - posted on 05/09/2012




OMG, i cant belive they did nothing, the police i mean. I would sue the owner for sure, and whoever whatched ur kid being attaced and didn't do nothing, thats just sick. I have no experience with suing anyone but I'd say u have a stong case, just use all the documents from the hospital and the pics u took of her after the attack.. good luck! And I hope your kid is not emotianally scared from this event. Wish u all the best!

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