my 3 yr old girl has started play group but she keeps on hitting other kids


Janice - posted on 05/07/2012




A child who has never been in a group setting with other children needs to be taught how to behave appropriately.

Are you there or is this a daycare type setting? If you are there you need to intervene as soon as you see your daughter about to hit another child. First give attention to the child she hit and ask if they are okay.Then explain another solution to the problem. If she wants a toy another child has explain how she can ask nicely. Also talk about sharing and taking turns. Teach her to say how she feels. If another child is being "mean" tell her to say I'm mad and then go get an adult instead of hitting. Also have consequences for hitting. The first time (that day) she gets a warning and help with a solution. The second time you leave the play group. That will help her learn that it is not okay to hurt others.

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