My 3 yr old girl was potty trained at 2 but lately shes been peeing on hersel wat do i do?

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My 3 year old girl (shes the oldest of 3, younger sister age 2 and baby brother age 9 months) was full potty trained at age 2, but now all of a suddenly shes been peeing on herself (accidents) alot. Like a couple times a day, usually. She wont even tell me when she does it! I don tknow why shes having accidents this much and then wont even bother to tell me, i will just look down and see her pants wet. I wonder if she's doing it because she doesnt feel like going to bathroom, or if she doesnt even realize. I not sure how to handle it , and i dont know what to do any more its been this way for a few weeks! Does anyone have any ideas, or experience in this?


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My 3 year old daughter has been potty trained for a year.she recently started wetting her pants but still goes to the potty when she has to go.does any mom have any opinion on what it might be or if anyone is going threw this exact situation?please let me know it can be fraustrating but im trying to be patient

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Could be lots of reasons why, first check for medical, may have UTI ~ 2nd check for any other problems that may cause her to need more attention than usual, something new in the home, 3rd it's a classic symptom of abuse, and always a fear that must be handled delicately, the child won't talk if they feel it is their fault. Which an abuser will take advantage of. Hope it's just a little back-track and nothing is really wrong with her, good luck!


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Annalee - posted on 01/10/2010




mine did the same thing i just started praising her every time that she pees in the potty, its like mine was doing it for attention. like how excited we were at the beginning well now that she goes on her own we dont even notice half the time, so just start makin a big deal out of it again. weve even made trips to chuck e cheese for no accidents! hope my info helped :)

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Yeah, thanks.. Thats all something to think about. I really think that is is probly one or 2 reasons. Either she is needing more attention since i just started training her little sister and maybe she wants that same attention at the potty like her lil sister gets now. Or it could possibly be like a uti or something. I guess i should start out with the doc. just to make sure.

Veronica - posted on 01/10/2010




most likely she wants some attention. she is feeling out of place. just do something small with her to let her know that she is still your little girl. and i would also get her checked to make sure nothing medical is wrong

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