My 3 yr old has NEVER slept through the night! HELP ME!!!

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So I have two sons, a five yr old and a three yr old. My oldest is a great sleeper!!! Unfortunately I didn't get so lucky with my second child. He is three and hasn't made it through the night...EVER! We have a bedtime routine which includes milk, read, brush teeth and lights out. My husband thinks it's the milk he is waking up for, but the thing is...we don't give him any! I think it's bad dreams. He's very fearful, so we put him in his brothers room to sleep and we thought things were getting better. But, now he's waking his brother up screaming.We have also tried homeopathic remedies, crying it out, taking his afternoon nap away. It's like fifteen times a night! Please any advice is welcomed!


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Unless he is sleeping for a LONG time, he's not actually waking 15 times a night. If he is waking YOU up that often, it is more likely that he never went back to sleep from the last waking in the first place and has just become frustrated with the difficulty of trying to fall asleep again. He wouldn't have time to drift into sleep that many times. Have you taken him to a sleep specialist yet? What tests did they perform. They should have been able to tell you whether it was bad dreams or something else.

My son was 5 1/2 years old before he slept through the night. Sleep studies done periodically throughout his infant and toddlerhood revealed that he had a shorter than normal sleep cycle which resulted in overtiredness during the regular wake periods throughout the night (normal sleepers semi-wake for a few minutes between each sleep cycle), resulting in an inability to drift back into sleep. Unfortunately, there was nothing we could do about it, but he grew out of it by kindergarten.

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