My 33 yr.old son works all over the country. He hasn't had many opportunities to date. He recently used and dated a girl for about a month where he was.Since then they have met about 4 times on long weekends. She was on the pill but somehow became pregnant. He likes her but is not in love with her. He is very upset and does not want to marry her at all. He is thinking of quitting his job and when the baby comes share raising it. He would settle for that life. I had a really hard time being positive .Any good advice?


Ev - posted on 09/15/2014




Its not easy to find out that you are becoming a grandparent under these conditions. But you should be happy and proud he is stepping up to be the father he needs to be to help in raising and caring for this baby. A lot of people anymore do not get married as a result of a baby coming into the picture. You have to consider that he might want to know the person he plans to marry more than a few times on dates over a few weekends. Also, look at it this way, you are going to be a grandmother with a beautiful child to come to know and love. Think of this as a blessing. Give your son the love and support he needs. Do not pressure him on anything. Be positive when talking about this. But again, I must remind you, be proud he is stepping up. Not many men step up to take care of their child/children. A lot of them just run off.

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