my 3months old has serious cough,what should i do?


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Gena - posted on 10/06/2013




I just read in a guide for parents that babies 3months or younger that are coughing should be checked by the doctor it could be a sign of bronchitis or an infection in the lungs.Dont want to scare you but i would recomend taking her to the doctor to get it checked.

Cecilia - posted on 10/05/2013




Put vics vapor rub on her feet and cover them with socks. Regular strength is fine but if you feel safer they do make a baby vics which would be perfectly fine for her chest. There is no safe cough medicine for 3 month olds.

Also get the bulb sucker and get her nose clear as you can, You can also use simply saline to clear her nose but many babies hate it.

April - posted on 10/05/2013




She is still too young for cough medications. The best thing to help her is steam up your bathroom and sit in there with her. It will help expand her lungs and allow her to breathe better. Does her cough sound dry or moist? Is there anything else that she has going on to such as runny nose, fever, ect?

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