my 3yearold.

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very stressed out here. my 3yearold is super stubborn. he knows were his poop goes and he knows were to go pee, but it seems as if i ask for him to use the potty its the end of the world for him. and its driving me nuts! im about to give up on all hope. im very stressed out and wanting to give up. i told him no more tv,icecream things he likes till he gets the point. am i to crule? i hope not. well that didnt work he pooped and im just like ugh HELP!

my question is. is there anything really to help me help him get the picture? lol.. i no he is 3 but there has to be something..

im getting so stressed to the fact that im having pain in my stomich.. and i had told my husband that if i were to be pregnant the stress would cause me to lose the baby.. need i say thats is his step child. but im so worried and scared that my son is going to drive me to drink. lol... please please help.


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Just leave him in diapers for a bit longer. Ignore it and just let him know when he goes in the diaper that big kids go in the potty. Soon he'll want to go potty because hes a "big kid" too.


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