My 3yo just won't listen to me, no matter how persistent I am she just doesn't take it seriously

Tiffany-rose Annabelle - posted on 07/06/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 3yo girl just can not take anything serious. Family call her the tornado on legs, she's very destructive, every toy gets broken or damaged within the first hour of having it. What's hard is we have a ten month old little boy so trying to get her to play nice is often a problem. Everything she knows is naughty she does and when punished It turns into a game of kicking, spitting, hitting, banging ect while she has a wicked evil smile on her face! Once she has calmed down I will try to tell her what she's do e and why she is being punished for it but as soon as I remind her if what she's done she starts doing it again or starts to do silly things so once again she is punished and reminded that, that is why she is in trouble! But it just keeps on going n going! In public she will yell out for someone's attention and keep yelling "hey hey" until they look then the say "hello" and as soon as they have said that she spits at them ( she actually has not done that in a month now) my daughter is not being raised to be a feral, we do not teach her to spit at people like that, she is only aloud to spit her toothpaste out and when she's sick she can spit her flem into a tissue! I'm stuck on what to do to get her to listen, iv honestly tried everything, iv looked up things to do ways to get her to listen, iv got books ect I'm honestly busting my non existent balls trying to get her to listen! She loves her brother and she's not jealous, at first we thought it was that but family now seem to think I should be taking her to see a paediatric and having her assessed! I'd just prefer to try everything j possibly can first I think!!!


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How old was she when you started to do discipline with her? It sounds like she gets away with a lot or has in the past (not the spitting thing). Children need limits and she is testing the bounds to the maximum from the sounds of things. Does she have those limits that you think she needs or have you set them? She is looking for you to pay attention to her too. She is feeding off all the negative stuff. You should try to actively ignore some behavior and in good times praise her actions that are correct. All the books by experts in this world are not going to do any good, most of them are not even parents. Dr. James Dobson has a selection of books on how to discipline a child even strong willed ones. He has his PH.D. and he is a father....he knows what its like.

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