My 3yr old has been diagnosed with Sensory intergration disorder and ADHD. Her Dr. has pre.her clonidine.

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Has anyone used this medication and has it been sucessfull in dealing with their child's concentration issues and her sleep problems? We are also working with her diet and have an occupational therapist on board .We are open to all ideas and have not decided on wheather or not we will be giving Stella this medication.


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Frustrated - posted on 08/15/2016




Hi Angela how is the clonidine working pls? My 7 yr old is on 27mg concerta and melatonin isn't really working since she started concerta.

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I hope it works for your son . My daughter started getting terrilble nightmares with the clonidine. It did help during the day as she was more able to consentrate and her meltdowns were very brief and fewer .The reason we started it was to help with the sleep and she was up even more often then before. We did however give a mth long break from the melatonin and now that is working again. We were also told by our health nurse that you need to give time off with the melatonin. If you use it too often then your body stops producing it and then more sleep issues are created.Best of luck . I truely hope it works for him!

Angela St - posted on 04/12/2012




We are just starting on Clonidine in a couple of days. We have to taper off the Intuniv first before we start the Clonidine. I am hoping this is the answer to our problems. Melatonin works okay for getting my son to sleep, but keeping him asleep is a different story. He is up multiple times during the night, sometimes wired and won't go back to sleep even with Benadryl. So we are hoping the Clonidine will help with his insomnia. He is currently on Concerta for his ADHD and Prozac for his Anxiety. I can let you know in a few weeks whether we like the outcome of it or not. :)

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We've tried melatonin. It worked for a while but I was giving a pretty high dose and she was still up through the night.We tried stopping her afternoon nap. That only made the end of the day hellish for her and she was still up in the night sometimes even more often then if she had a sleep.We have removed gluten and dairy from her diet and that has been a bit more helpful in terms of her eczema and constipation,but it didn't seem to affect her behavior at all.

Devon - posted on 02/18/2012




My twin daughters both have adhd and i have not had them on this type of med so i can't tell you anything about it, but they do take 3mg of melatonin to sleep and it works great. the doctor told me to put them on it and i give them it around 6 or 7 at night and by the time they go to bed around 8:00, they are out like a light. my children take vyvanse for there adhd. you will have to see how your daughters medication works for her. it may take many different medications till you find the right one. my daughters have been on about 3 different ones and i may have to switch them again. so good luck and hopefully you can find one that works for her. but definately give her melatonin for sleeping.

Katherine - posted on 02/18/2012




You know I've heard Melatonin is just as effective for sleep. It's all natural too.

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