My 3yr old refuses to eat anything I cook

Sierra - posted on 11/05/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




My husband is a cook and I try my best to cook, but when we cook my son refuses to eat and says he's hungry later and still won't eat what we had for dinner. Eventually I give in and give him what he wants which is usually a lunchable or pb&j. He will not eat anything we cook except Spagetti what should I do? And the only fruits and veggies he will eat is apples, bananas and sometimes corn or green beans


Holly - posted on 11/05/2012




"Eventually I give in and give him what he wants which is usually a lunchable or pb&j." this is why he refuses to eat

You need to tell him he HAS to try a few small bites of what you cook... I ask the kids, "how old are you? OK, that's how many bites you have to eat" doesn't have to be big bites, but they HAVE to try it every time you cook it. eventually they may grow to like it... MY daughter used to PUKE any time i made her eat green beans.... I let her try one bite each night, since it was so bad. but now she enjoys fresh green beans at dinner time.

stand firm, until he TRIES a few bites of EACH item on his plate, he can not eat anything else... end of story...


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Javeia - posted on 11/05/2012




Ah yes. Kids tend to be very testy and they know what buttons to push. I agree with Holly, don't give him what he wants because it will go beyond the dinner table and we don't want that. Somethings that I have seen work is:

1. "Sneaking foods" it is best described in Missy Chase Lapines' cite and her book

2. Let him be a part of the cooking and setting the table. Let him crack the eggs (pull out shells before cooking! lol), stir the sauces and so on he might be more apt to try it because he *made* it.

3. Fun presentation. Make a silly face sandwich, or a sailboat out of the dip. Get a plate, matching silverware and cup with his favorite characters on it.

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