My 3yr old sons needs major dental work, undergoing concious sedation.

Jess - posted on 08/23/2012 ( 4 moms have responded )




"Yes, I know I'm a bad parent for not taking care of his teeth in the first place, yet i never thought doctors prescription to pediasure would cause such damage, yet my mistake was letting him drink it in the middle of the night"... But my main concern is that as a result he needs to undergo oral sedation using a combiation of "Demarol, Vistril, & Chloro hidrate"... This is my third pedo opinion therfore I know he really needs the work. Although this third opinion acctualy gave me the option to use the oral sedation rather than general anesthesia like the previous two suggested.

See my son is terified of course so he will not sit still, he hasn't even had x-rays done, it's all been a visual exam where 2-3 baby back molars need root canals, caps and 6 fill among other procedures. I am extremely terrified as i have read horror stories using concious sedation, general anesthesia, and not caring for baby teeth... i havent been able to sleep well at night and get super anxious to the point of vomiting...To top it off my son is just starting to talk and lately has said to me 3 times "Mom i die"... Not sure why or where he would heard about that. Could you imagine?? His appointment is tomorrow 8am

have any of you ever had your young child like mine undergo same procedure/s... & what was the outcome and your lil ones reactions??

Any advice helps me and my state of nervousness, I hope =/


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You need to try and stay calm yourself.

Have you spoken to him about what he is having done???

My son had his adenoids out under general anaesthetic when he was 3. I told him a kid friendly version of what was going to happen to him (hospital, anaesthetic, operataion and what would happen afterwards) and made him aware that it was for his own good and he would feel better after. He was told he might be sore afterwards but I could give him something if he needed it.

On the day he was very quiet and said he was scared. I told him it was ok to be scared and that I would be there with him until he fell asleep and when he woke up.

You have to stay calm and strong for him, the more you freak out the more he will.


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Magaly - posted on 07/11/2016




Hi I was just wondering how it all went? My 5 y.o. is needing the exact thing and they will ve using the same meds. Im a nervous traib wreck lol but how did it all go, what was the actual procedure like? t.I.a

Katherine - posted on 08/24/2012




I have a 3 year old and couldn't imagine. WHY are they sedating him with so many drugs? Poor guy. Especially at such a young age. I would be worried too. But you need to be strong for him. I wonder where he got "die" from too???? Poor thing, you're going to have to really reassure him. I'd be furious with the doctor. Of course giving pediasure at night would do harm with it sitting in his teeth all night.

Not blaming you. I'm sure you had no idea and we as moms trust our doctors. Just breathe! Try to anyways. I'm sure it's not as bad as it seems. I had quite a scare when my daughter was born. The cord was wrapped around her neck and I threw up. I know it's not the same thing but I kind of know how you feel as far as scary situations. It was all I could do not to lose it.

He will be fine. Maybe.....if you're that worried, you can get a second opinion? Especially on the drugs? That would calm me down. That way I would know if it was the way to go. I don't know how much time you have....but it's worth a second try.....

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