My 4 1/2 is Speech delayed!

Suzan - posted on 03/01/2014 ( 1 mom has responded )




My son turning 5 July 18th 2014, I take him twice a week to speech therapist, he is learning
But the only thing I am really upset about, that in 2012 I signed him into a program that offered at the public schools in CA and he was eligible to attend, which is I am very surprised how!? He is only speech delayed. Anyway He started this special Ed class (rocket program) 5 days a week in November 2012. November 2013 exactly date June 2013, I took him to the Speech doc to evaluate him again and he tested it at 3 years old level which is I was like ok He needs more work...
Two days ago, Feb 28, 2014. I took him again to the speech therapist doc to evaluate him again and see what is going on he is still not talking in public and very shy? He is talking at home putting 4 to 6 words in one sentence. Anyway, The doctor did some assist (Test him) on him and he got a score of a 3 year old kid? What the HECK? isn't he suppose to improve during 2012, 2014?

My son is very smart, his only problem that he is shy to speak outside the house! By him going to that Special ed rocket program, I wasted almost 2 years for not getting what I want!
Found out that my son is around kids who doesn't speak at all! Teacher lied when I asked her if all the kids speech delayed she said yes! which is a big damn lie! 15 kids in his class room all of them have many problems! OMG
How the heck I didn't know about this?
Well, Teacher never allowed me to volunteer! It's my fault! I am such a stupid Mother! I should of known... :(

He is Normal kid. speech is going along and he is doing great. I am sending him to regular Kinder.


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