My 4 1/2 Year old is constantly whining or screaming.

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I am at my wit's end. What do I do??!!?? I feel bad...he is the middle of three sons (older son is 6, and the younger is 2). I try to give lots of attention but between taking care of the other two, keeping up the house, and cooking/cleaning, I have very little left over. Help!!


Eve - posted on 06/14/2013




This is the technique I use with my students as well as my own children: I come down to their eye level, say in a very firm voice, "If there's something you need, use your words because I don't understand what you're trying to say when you scream or whine." If they continue, I just tune it out and ignore it until they finally realize they're not going to get my attention until they stop screaming and whining. Even though my heart is breaking inside, I stay strong otherwise the lesson you're teaching is that screaming and whining is the way to get your attention -- which is not what you want, right? When he comes around and tells you what he needs without screaming or whining, give him a hug and praise him for using his "big boy words" to reinforce this positive behaviour.

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