my 4 childrens father is a drug addict and EXTREMELY difficult 2yrold

Ana - posted on 10/03/2016 ( no moms have responded yet )




I am so heartbroken and at my wits end, and displaced from my home (me and my 4 children (which are all under the age of 5)) cant live there on account of my husbands drug use. it is absolutely awful. I am a single mom right now to all 4 my children my oldest just started kindergarten and my youngest is a infant (3 mo. old) which is just getting over colic THANK YOU JESUS!!!! and my middler kiddos are 2 and 3. I know, I'm crazy, I don't need any judgments please. I'm just looking for friends and support from other moms. I'm having severe behavioral issues with my two year old (daycare and other say so to, he is a very difficult toddler)) I'm praying to God he outgrows it as from yr. 1 to 1 1/2 there has been one small improvement he will now sit still for most his diaper changes before, even if it was the middle of the night he would frantically flip and spin around like a trapped alligator, and when I say every diaper change I mean EVERY last one. when he started crawling at a young 6 months I looked into getting a helmet or some type of contraption to protect his head because he kept running into walls (nothing wrong with eye sight or hearing, I've had both checked) now to note he was a preemie born at 33 weeks , he had to be intubated right after being born, it was an extremely quick delivery as were my last 3 babies (my 1st was 10 hours) but yet my preemie is my earliest crawler, walker, AND talker, he is not develop behind at all. he is just EXTREMELY hyper active. now I know what your thinking, he's a toddler but its not just me who notices, he wears his daycare teachers out and they deal with 12 2 year olds all day. they say he different (and I don't believe in a good way) I can see the relief in their eyes when I pick him up as I hear about how many other toddlers he hit and/or bit that day :,(. I have many nieces and nephews I've seen as toddlers and my other kids, but my 2 yr. old just takes it over and beyond.
side note- he's gone to child development watch since he was born because of his prematurity and still goes to this day not because he's developmentally behind but because of his behaviors!! I love my lil baby boy so much and want to help him. I'm on a waiting list to get into a behavioral clinic at a very good children's hospital (the best here) just need support / maybe suggestions/ any one dealing with similar?
-stressed to the max mom

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