My 4 month old baby boy.

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My son will turn 4 month's tomorrow and he's constantly throwing after breast feeding, he hasn't gained any weight what is wrong?? I'm really stressed out only an ounce in one month Jordan has gained


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Hello, there is a few things this could be...but its important not to panic or think drastic, even complex feeding issues can be sorted out...ranging from a simple breast milk allergy, my son had it at age 2 months and by 3 months i had to stop feeding and switch to pepti junior, but that was a long chain peptide allergy, it can be gerd, reflux, etc,

as he is not gaining weight it is time to seek some advice from a professional, but some tips to try while doing so, during feeding, try to hold him at an angle so he is able to feed but slightly upright, this help refluxing after feeds, also place baby in an angled upright rocker after every feed for a while to aid digestion and prevent reflux, ensure feeding is as stress free and calm as possible, there are also thickeners you can add to your breast milk if you express it into a bottle...karicare make a great one in a small tin available at most chemists, it thickens the milk to prevent refluxiing. It worked great for my daughter when she refluxed a short while at age 4 months, i expressed and then thickened it according to directions, and with the other aids she stopped fairly quickly and we resumed normal breast feeding. There are medical powders to add to feeds to, and medicines that help if it turns out to be reflux. My daughter and I went on to breast feed many more happy months after this so its important to keep calm and carry on. Remember to seek professional advice before using any medicines or thickeners though, but the positioning during and after feeds needs no help...just give it a go!!!

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