My 4 month old has had a bad cough for almost 2 months

Melissa - posted on 02/15/2013 ( no moms have responded yet )




So my 4 month old son got his first cold right after thanksgiving, knew it was coming being the baby of 6 kids. Did all the things I was suppose to and it was gone. after a couple weeks he developed a nasty hacking cough, after a little over a week of this cough with absolutely no other symptoms I brought him to the dr. Without even looking at him the dr gives me the whole "he is the youngest he will catch part of everything the other kids get or bring home" no kidding I'm not new at this kid thing! Anyways without even hearing the cough he goes on to tell me it's post nasal drip (from the runny nose he didn't even have) making him cough, well I had experienced that kind of gag cough when he was sick weeks before and this was not that cough. This cough was hacking fits till the point of choking, after a few minutes of frustrated back and forth because I hate when my concerns are treated as that of a nervous first time mom he hugged me and said don't worry you're doing all the right things. Fast forward to today, cough never went away its actually worse and I've been fighting my impulse to bring him back due to my state being at the top of the recent flu epidemic. Well I brought him in today because the length of this cough is screaming whooping cough. Lungs sounded clear, oxygen level normal chest x ray negative for pneumonia but his lungs are inflamed. Post nasal drip right!! The dr put him on antibiotics for the ear infection they found (forgot to say he's had another cold for past few days) and it will treat a number of respiratory viruses. So now we wait........ If he's not better by Monday then we will be sent to a specialist to test for something more serious. Going to be the longest weekend of my life. Has anyone ever been in this situation and was the culprit of this yucky cough found?

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