My 4 month old is sucking her middle fingers... how do I stop it?

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My little girl started off sucking on a pacifier.. I would only let her suck on it when it's bed time, and when she wanted to suck her fingers . I did this with my first child and it was success, it wasn't hard to take her off the pacifier and she didnt really care for her fingers after awhile. but this time is different. My little girl will spit her pacifier out her mouth just to put her fingers in there. I've tried pulling her fingers out and replacing them with her pacifier but that didn't work. Is there something else I can try to stop her from sucking her fingers. they not swollen or nothing I just dont want her to make it a habit. It's really big in my family and everyone has very bad arches in their teeth.


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There have been studies done on thumb-sucking, and there is only ONE commonality among children who suck their thumb/finger for too long: attempts to make them stop.

Babies naturally outgrow it. The only thing that makes them persist is the attempt to stop it.

My son never took to a pacifier much. He preferred his thumb. He stopped sucking his thumb around 7-8 months old.

Imo, breaking the pacifier habit is harder.

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Let her suck her fingers. At least you don't have to worry about them getting lost! :-) Every baby is different. She is learning how to self soothe and that is a GOOD thing.

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