My 4 month year old granddaughter can't breathe What should the mother do take her into the E.R. or wait to talk to her pediatrician

Norelle - posted on 12/16/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




My first granddaughter JaShai just turned 4 months 12/8/14 & she's having problems with breathing and I feel as being a mother of 6 4boys and 2 girls that My oldest son needs to take his beautiful daughter JaShai into the E.R. asap! Because it really do scares me to her my granddaughter being congested and can't breathe at her young age. I am just needing a little more information whether or not my son's girlfriend mother of their daughter should go to the ER and get medical attention as soon as possible thank you


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Sarah - posted on 12/16/2014




What is her breathing like? Is she stuffy in her nose or is she really working. Take her shirt off, are the areas by her ribs and just under her clavicles are pulling in when she breathes? Those are retractions and are a sign of distress. Can baby eat?
If she has retractions, cannot eat or her belly is pushing out with each breath, she is working too hard. Run, do not wait, go to the ER now. Worry later about your DIL being mad at you. If baby is fine, then you can admit you overreacted, if you save baby's life.....Thank God

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