My 4 week old keeps waking up when I put him in his bassinet at night time. I wait for him to be in a deep sleep and then put him down but he wakes up after 2 or 3 minutes. I don't want him to rely on sleeping in bed with my husband and I. Does anyone have any advice on how to get him to stay in bed?


Candice - posted on 03/26/2009




Don't let them go to sleep before you put them down.  Rock and cuddle them until they get drowsy, but put them down awake.  I have heard that rocking them to sleep and then putting them down can cause a worse reaction because they get used to that.  I used to put one of my shirts on the bassinet mattress like a sheet... my little one was more comfortable with the familiar smell.  Also, try bumping or rocking the bassinet in a gentle rythm to soothe them.  Let them cry a little but don't pick them up (that starts the cycle over).  Just pat and rub them, sing to them, anything that will calm them down.  I did all these things with my child, and after a week she was putting herself to sleep.  Even today, (18 months) I take her to bed, we say our prayers, and she practically dives into the crib... not even a peep.  Trust me, I know it is HARD at first, but it is worht it!

Camille - posted on 03/26/2009




My daughter is still the same way sometimes and she's 7 months old.  What I ue to do was use either one of my t shirts or her fahers as a blanket for her.  That way she thinks someone is still there...I was talking to a girl in class today about this and she said that she would puts some of her brast milk on a designated pillow and wedge tha baby in btwn that since babies have a distinct sense of that smell.  However, I wouldn't really recommend this, bc pillows in cribs cn be very dangerous.  Try the shirt trick and see if that works.  Also, try having some background noise in the room to drown out other noises, so the baby won't be ealsily wakened

Carrie - posted on 05/08/2012




We had the same issue. What has worked for us is to put a heating pad in the bassinet to get it warm. Once our little girl is soundly asleep in our arms we take out the heating pad from tge bassinet. Then we slowly place her in the bassinet and remove our hands extremely slowly.

Jennifer - posted on 03/26/2009




Is he cold? He would fall asleep on my chest and as soon as I put him down would wake up due to the temperature variation. Once we discovered that he liked to be warm all the time it was much better. Good luck

Charlene - posted on 03/26/2009




i had the same problem with my daughter and my mum said to try putting one of my t-shirts that smells like me over the top of the mattress and i also put a folded blanket under the mattress so it was slightly elevated and my health visitor said to try a dummy so i did all three and it worked know my daughter is 16 weeks and sleeping from 1 till 8:30 its great hope it works for you good luck

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Deidre - posted on 03/26/2009




Aww, four weeks :) I let my daughter sleep with me until she was about 6wks old, then she just, stopped being able to actually sleep next to me. I would definitely go with swaddling as long as your baby allows that (my daughter hated to be swaddled until she was 5wks old, then loved it). I also really LOVE the idea of using one of your shirts you wore that day or something to swaddle, I never thought of that and I bet it would work wonders.

White noise is a huge help in my book as well. I have a fan in Evelyn's room to help drown out sounds outside her room and I know it helps her sleep better, I can't remember when I started it but now should be fine for you, they also have white noise sound machines you can purchase. I just put the fan in a corner of the room facing the wall so that it doesn't blow any air onto her.

I personally hate the idea of letting a baby cry themselves to sleep so I personally don't suggest that. There is a book out there titled "The No-Cry Sleep Solution" that has some pretty wonderful suggestions about helping a baby to sleep. I know of a few people that were able to find it at their local library so that they didn't have to purchase it.

Also letting your baby play in their bassinet (or at that age hang out in there some during the day while awake with you right there) is a wonderful idea. It helps them get used to their surroundings and make it an enjoyable experience instead of being scared.

Tracy - posted on 03/26/2009




I used to put one of my t-shirts that I had been wearing over his bassinet mattress so he could smell me still in his own bed. Make sure t-shirt is secure, just like a sheet and you will have no problems. Another trick is to put them in there cot just before they get to a deep sleep and keep your hand on them for a little while until they have drifted back to sleep, even tapping them is fine. At 4 weeks babies still need our help to go back to sleep.You can't spoil a baby at this age. Plus wrapping them secure, always helps too. I had the same problems when my little boy was the same age. He is nine months now and he is a perfect sleeper and has been since 3 months. Good Luck.

Hanna - posted on 03/26/2009




Try swaddling him with one of your shirts that you wore that day or t-shirt that you wore. Sometimes the babies don't want to let go of you, so something that smells like you, will help them feel more secure and he won't freak out every time you put him down.

also, try to put him in his bassinet to play (look at mobile or something like that) while he's awake, that will help him get used to the bassinet itself. and maybe rock him around a bit (if you have one of those bassinets). also, see if he can fall asleep on his own in the bassinet rather than you holding him and carrying him around/rocking him in your arms until he falls asleep, if you do that a few times, i'm sure that the transition to the bassinet will be smoother :)

User - posted on 03/26/2009





My little one did exactly the same thing. We just spent one night of hell putting him down and letting him cry for 10 minutes, then my husband would go in and check him, comfort him and then leave (I didn't go in as didn't want my son to smell and expect milk from me). My son cried for nearly 2 hours but finally went to sleep. Since then he's gone down fine each night. It was horrible and I found it very hard but he got the message quickly. We also put a sheet in his basket that we'd had in our bed so it smelt of us and I warmed his basket up with a hot water bottle too (just remember not to leave it in there!). My health visitor also said babies like to have things near their head so we put a teddy bear in. All these things put together and one night of hell seemed to do the trick! Hope this helps and good luck!


Alicia - posted on 03/26/2009




I have had three children and they all did the same thing.  If you put them down and then start to cry the best thing is to let them cry.  If still crying after 5 minutes then pick him up.  When he stops crying then lay him back down.  This process will take about a week but eventually you will be able to have your bed back.

Misty - posted on 03/26/2009




My son use to be the same way, If you are a new mom it is hard to put them down and let them cry but it is for the best.. just 1 minute at first then pick them up and put them down again after the crying has stopped. I don't believe that you can "spoil" a child that young but I do belive that they need to have their own self soothing way sleeping habbits and the only way they learn that is to fall asleep on their own. I use to put on music for my son, a cd with the same 4 songs that played over and over and he loved it when he was young. You can also try a snug sleeper that goes on both sides of them and wrap them in a blanket like the hospital does. But alast the baby is so small that he just doesn't understand and needs to know you are there. I think it is a phase he will grow out of. Also playing with them alot during the day and getting them into great sleeping habbits is a good thing too! whatever time you put him to bed try playing with him and stimulating him alot 45 minutes before you put him down. He'll be so tired he will just sooth him self to sleet. _ i hope some of that helped you! good lucK!

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