My 4 year old bites his nails and I a concerned.

Super - posted on 04/16/2015 ( 2 moms have responded )




He tends to nite his nails when I am teaching him something or because his father tends to be tough since he is a boy. HE feels the need to speak to him with a stern tone of voice. I am hoping moms out there can give me a few tips thank you


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Raye - posted on 04/16/2015




I used to bite my nails. I stopped when I got older (except occasionally now when I get a hangnail and don't have clippers handy). It can be gross, because you have dirt and stuff under the nails, but generally it's harmless. As long as he's not biting them down to where they bleed, then I don't see the problem.

Mary - posted on 04/16/2015




Some children are in the habit of doing that. With some it may be they are shine with other it may they cannot answer a question and they are stuck. It is also better if we understand our children and their habits and try to make them know that they can do all things with God's help.

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