My 4 year old grandson was completely potty trained. Suddenly, he stopped pooping in the potty, in fact, he stopped pooping at all by holding it in and even sticking his finger up there to push it back in, screams with fear, agony, pain in his stomach. What happened? Anyone ever had this happen? The thing is, he is about to start pre-K this next week and they won't take him if he's not potty trained. Oh, I forgot to mention that his personality changed and he started staying wrapped up in a blanket all the time, and he started throwing terrible fits and tantrums, and he won't sit at the table with the rest of them and eat. He has 2 younger brothers and his bathroom terror has terrorized the 2 yr old brother so much that he is afraid to try it now. Anyone else ever experienced this? She took him to the doctor and he said to not give in to his tantrums, and he said to give him Metamucil every day so that he can't possibly hold the liquid in. However, now he is back in pullups and he can't be in pre-K like that. What is she to do?


Brittney - posted on 08/18/2012




It sounds like he doesn't know how to feel about the new school idea. Give him fiber slowly (too much at one time can cause a tummy ache), try prune juice, raisins, apple juice, flax seed (ground milled), cereal, high fiber breads, oranges, apples, extra water...etc. The idea is to give him about 30 grams of fiber a day, it will soften his stool and make it harder for him to hold it or push it back in. If his stool is liquid, he wont be able to feel when he has to go poop, its best to keep it semi solid. Avoid bananas and other 'stool hardeners' if possible.

Breakfast idea: oatmeal (not baby oatmeal) made with water with added raisins and applesauce, mix a teaspoon flax. or fruit salads, bran muffins, or vegetable omelet.

snack idea: raisins, apple juice (organic works best) or turkey and lettuce wraps

lunch idea: cheese quesadilla (tortilla has some fiber) or grilled cheese sandwich with tomato or or sweet potato and black bean chili

snack idea: cherrios with milk and apple

dinner idea: Chicken & Sun-Dried Tomato Orzo

I don't have any advice as to the younger siblings, my daughter isn't 2 yet and has been potty trained for 10 months, so I'm not sure how to handle that. I guess you could still try undies and routine training. Also, fiber gummies come for children now.

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