My 4 year old has anxiety before every event we take him to (school, sports class, church)

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In the last 5 months my son has been having tantrums and anxiety about attending all different kinds of events that he always enjoys once he is engaged in the event. He tells me he is afraid or does not want to go. He will get to the point of having a full blown tantrum all the way up until he gets to the event until someone walks him in and he comes out laughing and smiling almost every time. Nothing bad has occurred at any of these places where we have taken him and I ask him why he is afraid but he can't tell me. He just tells me he does not want to go. That is why I think he says he is afraid because he doesn't know what else to say to explain his feelings of being anxious. I thought about separation anxiety but this occurs even when I am in the room with him. Anyone else having these issues with their preschooler? Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!


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I have read several of your posts. In one of your posts you talked about your autistic your 4 yr old the autistic one or is that another one of your children. I ask because this could be why the behavior and might need to be addressed differently for an autistic child then it would be for a child that does not have autism.

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