My 4-year-old is having recurring pains in her knees and feet

Alison - posted on 03/01/2013 ( 3 moms have responded )




This morning, she told me her achilles tendon was hurting before she got out of bed. I thought she was exaggerating when she crawled all the way upstairs, but then she was unable to bare any weight on that foot when she tried. I left her with a neigbour while I went to a doctor's appointment and when I came back a few hours later, it was a little sore and she was able to walk.

She had a similar pain a couple days ago in the afternoon, but it cleared up before the evening. She has also complained about her knees in the morning, telling me she needs to get two canes so she can walk. But again, a few hours in, it seemed to go away.

Does anyone have any ideas what the root cause could be? I know we should take her to a doctor, but I'm curious if anyone has had similar experiences.


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Firebird - posted on 03/04/2013




What are her shoes like? If they're pretty flat , try getting her some with more arch support.

Alison - posted on 03/04/2013




I spoke with a friend who is a GP. He said it could be juvenile arthritis. We are going to check it out with a doctor, for sure.

User - posted on 03/01/2013




My niece is turning 7 around that age she had alot of growing pains with her legs, it was nothing, just a growth spurt. But with your daughter it seems like it could be posible, but I nor anyone but your doctor can tell you that for sure. I suggest going for a visit and making sure it is nothing else, you can even talk on the phone with a nurse from the office, if you dont want to go to the dr. They can recommend what you should do and if they think it is something to be checked

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