My 4 year old son

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My 4 year old son dont listen to me, when he dont get what he wants he will scream and throw a tantrum. When we go eat somewhere he runs around and doesnt listen to me when i tell him to sit down. Im tired of yelling and spanking him. I need help


Dove - posted on 04/08/2016




Stop yelling and spanking... neither of those are effective methods of parenting.

As long as he is not destroying anything or hurting himself... ignore his tantrums at home. Let him freak out for a while in his room. If he hasn't calmed down after about 5-10 minutes you can go in and check if he would like a bit of snuggling (some kids can not calm themselves down well at this age yet). Acknowledge that you understand he is upset about not getting... whatever it is, but that it isn't acceptable for whatever reason. If he has calmed down by this point you can offer him something that IS acceptable (whether it be a healthy snack, reading a story w/ you, or whatever).

If he gets out of his seat at a restaurant... you take him outside to calm down. If he can not calm down w/in a couple of minutes... you leave. Do not give him the option to run around... not only is it a nuisance to the others in the restaurant, but it is also a safety hazard for him and those around him.

He has gotten really good at pushing your buttons and getting a reaction from you, so the less you react (while still holding firm to consequences) the better for both of you.

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