my 4 year old son is currently being assesed for aspergers, adhd how do i discipline him


Amanda - posted on 04/03/2011




While they are evaluating for adhd and aspergers, ask them to also send him to an occupational therapist to evaluate for sensory integration dysfunction, SID can mimick adhd, and aspergers, the good news if it happens to by SID no meds, just therapy :) so you can get started right away


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Lori - posted on 07/28/2012




At 3 our son had All the symptoms of aspergers and I knew in my heart something was wrong. I found the Feinghold diet our lives and his changed for the better. He was later classified add but even the professionals were amazed at what the diet did for him. Good luck mom you have a very special little boy,

Emma - posted on 04/05/2011




thanks everyone for ur comments, only this morning he's battered his sister because she moved part of his train track that he was playing with, fed my mothers day flowers with his cup of tea, ripped my wallpaper and i have managed to break my hair strightners as i cant get upstairs to tidy up properly and luke had been in my drawers and pulled them out which had been under some clothes that he'd also pulled out and i stood on them. my DH has now gone to work leaving me with him and he's looking for trouble even his dad has said he's getting worse as he's getting older.

we have a meeting at the pre-school today where his key worker, SENCO and some other ppl who can hopefully help and were working on CAF what ever that is. i will ask them for some advice on it, only lastnight i found a drawing on my newly wallpapered living room wall i thought i had got rid of all pens,crayons and felts and hid the ones i needed..obviously not very well or high enough.

Jaymi i feel for u hun my cousin has autism and is very bad he is now however 22yrs old. i know my problems arnt anywhere as bad as urs but to me my life has been turned upside down i know i am lucky to have this so early as aspergers can sometimes go un detected until they are a lot older and if i hadnt already had it in the family and knew about the traits then i would have thought he was just a naughty child.

everything in the house has been defaced or broken by him ive had a good cry after being up half the night with both him and his sister and spent half hr in my own bed.

if i was offered meds for him i would use them just on the real bad days where i think i just cant take no more. i resent my DH as he can escape from it all. i cant work, well i can but no1 will look after him :(

thank u and also katerine i need to punish him because its sending out msg's to the other children that he is gettin away with everything he does.

my eldest has already said luke gets away with murder.

Jaymi - posted on 04/01/2011




I respectfully disagree about not disciplining your child. We have four children, including an 8-year-old with severe autism (very little language, aggressive and destructive). I do agree having a behavioral therapist help is a great idea. I don't advocate disciplining him the same way as your other children. Every child is different - autism or not.. I would start with your pediatrician. He/she can point you in the right direction. If you don't set limits for him, the behavior will only get worse as he ages. (Experience talking here.) Our son was started on behavioral meds at age 5 because he was harming his siblings, including picking up my then one year old by the neck and tossing him across the room. (He's also literally knocked me out twice.) If you can avoid meds, do, but some times you don't have much choice. My son is now on Seroquel, which helps with sleeping too. His behavior has decreased alot, although he still destroys things. (He's even punched holes in his bedroom walls and started breaking off the pieces until there was a huge hole, and broken four windows with his bare hands.) Now is the time to get him help, because he will only get bigger and stronger and more difficult. I am not trying to be doomsday, but I really wished someone had emphasized that to us when our son was small. Blessings to you and your family. You can do this. It takes a lot of hard work, but you can do it.

Katherine - posted on 04/01/2011




You don't discipline a child with ASD. That just makes it worse. Try to get a therapist (behavioral) to help you.

Emma - posted on 04/01/2011




he gets so uncontrolable some days and feel like im falling apart. my house looks like a bomb site all the time because there is just no entertaining him for longer than 10/ 15mins at a time, my younger daugter is now picking up on this and copies him. as for my teenager he is misbehaving at school and at home to get attention. i am at my wits end now over 2 years i have had to fight with doctors and my H.V to get him looked at but it has only just started after having his bloods done only 2 days ago. i have been told they wont medicate him because he is too young. thats a great help to me when we are having a really bad day

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