My 4 year-old son is interested in girls things and toys is it common?


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Gena - posted on 07/23/2014




Totaly normal i would say.My son plays with alot of girls,there are no boys in his age in the neighborhood. When the girls come out with their dolls he plays with them. Why shouldnt he? He also chose a hello kitty drink instead of a cars big deal. I think its common and normal. Kids are kids,let them play.

♫ Shawnn ♪♫♫ - posted on 07/22/2014




There is absolutely NOTHING wrong with him being interested in what you term 'girl' toys. Do you get upset when you see a little girl playing with trucks or getting dirty?

It may be a phase, or he may have a preference for that type of toy. Either way, he's a kid. Let him play. The only ones who get uptight about 'girl' and 'boy' toys are the adults.

Ev - posted on 07/22/2014




Paris, as Serene said, its common for boys and girls to want to play with toys that adults have designated to be for only boys or girls. Its common that kids will want to play with toys opposite what they are expected to play with and it is normal for this to be done too. It exposes kids to different kinds of things if they are allowed to play with all kinds of toys.

User - posted on 07/22/2014




It is only adults who designate toys for boys or girls. As far as kids are concerned, toys are toys. My son and daughter both love playing football and with train sets, and also both play with Sylvanian families and Barbies. Let him have access to a range of toys, and he will develop fine.

Serene - posted on 07/21/2014




Yes, its a phase. Studies have proven that when boys play with dolls as a child they become a better parent then those that play with ONLY boy toys. My son is 6 and he played with dolls, kitchenette with dishes and fake food, dress up clothes(his own) and other toys that are affiated with girl toys. Now he plays with boy toys.

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