My 4 year old son was diagnosed with adhd, he is staying with his father for the time being and is extremely upset about this. He is misbehaving for his father and I believe he has depression and not adhd. I was told today that children often have depression and are diagnosed with adhd instead. I am concerned about them putting my son on meds for adhd if that is not the help that he needs... Has anyone ever heard of a child having depression but being diagnosed with adhd instead?


Deborah - posted on 10/16/2012




Hi ,

I'm new to this . But I was recently diagnosed with ADHD and i am 46. I have had it all my life. Doctors kept saying I was depressed and put me on depression meds. They didn't help just made it more confussing. Is misbehaving all they based this diagnoses on? Also how long has it been going on? Not sure if I can help. But will try.

Deborah Black

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