my 4 year old won't wear clothes. She says they bother her


Rebekah - posted on 06/19/2013




It sounds like it may be a sensory processing issue. Kids can have sensory processing issues with or without autism, but it can frequently happen with autistic kids, as Toni suggested. But sensory issues alone don't equal autism, so unless you see other indications of concern, deal with what is in front of you. Finding soft clothes, like Toni mentioned, is helpful. Try to give her a sample of fabrics and find out what appeals to her and what is offensive. Every person is uniquely different when it comes to sensory preferences, so find out what clicks for her.
Consult with an Occupational of their specialties is dealing with sensory issues, and they may be able to work with her to build up her tolerances.

Toni - posted on 06/19/2013




Hi, my oldest son who is now 12 went through the same thing. We found out he was "high functioning autistic", they called it Aspergers when he was finally diagnosed at 9 after labelling him ADHD at 5.

His clothes bothered him. He would only wear clothes with flat seams and no tags, soft t-shirt type cotton only.
He didn't like certain textures in food, his placemat had to be straight on the table, things done in a certain order, obsessed with insects, preferred to play on his own.

If your daughter displays any of these or other symptoms if you feel the need to investigate, it may be worth seeing a doctor so the family can learn how best to avoid "problems" such as this.

I'm not a doctor, though, just a Mum with a child that had the same problem.


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