my 4 yr old son is a very picky eater at dinner and anything healthy..what should i do?

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il cook a good meal everynight and hel only eat what he likes (which is usually 3 mouthfuls) then hed rather just go to bed...? he doesn`t even like skittles bcoz their fruity... ive tried no snacks thru the day..sitting at the table for hrs.. he just wont.. plz help..


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If he'd rather go to bed than eat.... he's not hungry.

Just keep offering him a variety of healthy foods (always make sure you know he likes at least ONE thing that's offered) at regular intervals throughout the day and let him be the one to decide how much he eats or not.

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I agree with he'd rather go to bed then eat, he must not be hungry.

1. Get rid of high sugar, high carb snack food in the house.

2. Do not throw away his dinner, when hes hungry later only offer up the dinner.

3. Have him help cook with you, you be amazed how fast a child will eat something if they helped prepare it.

4. Do not give opitions, when a child doesnt have a choice (ie another meal made for them while everyone else eats a different meal) they will eat what is given to them. But while preparing the food you can give him opinions on what veggies he would like that night. Once a meal is made you shouldnt make a new meal because he wont eat the first meal.

And dont worry about him clearing his plate, we arent always hungry enough to clear our plates. :0)

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OMG, Kristina I love the idea of Captain Vegetable! That's awesome!

I have a 4.5 and 2.5 yo and it's my younger son who is what could be called a picky eater. He will usually only eat one thing (which varies by day) at dinner, but I'm not too fussed about it.

I would say examine what your son is eating and when. I know that my kids won't eat much, if anything if they've eaten too late in the day. If he's eating too much "junk", try cutting it out. I am also the "one meal woman". I make one meal for dinner for everyone. The boys eat it, or they eat nothing and do not get dessert if we have one. I don't require a clean plate, because I tend to dish up too much I think, but if they've eaten a bit (like half) then they can have dessert.

If your son doesn't want to eat, do not force him. That could establish it's own set of long term problems. I am 41 and when I was a kid my parents made me clean my plate. To this day, I have to clean my plate. I've struggled with weight my whole life too. But if he's not hungry, he's just not hungry. He won't starve himself and will eat when he's hungry. Just make sure that you have a schedule for meals/snacks so that he's not too ful cone dinnertime. That's about all you can do really.

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Try making it fun my daughter responded well to rainbow taters. (Boil potatoes with broccoli carrots or green beans and mash) snowy trees (broccoli stalks with mozzarella cheese) and captain vegetable (super hero face he builds from fresh veggies given to him. Captain vegetable can't save the world until he disappears.) Just some suggestions.


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