My 4 yr old son, seen too much, does too much?

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My husband and I assumed that he was entertained by watching TV and that the door was locked. Long story short he walked in on us in his room, on his bed, completely naked. His first reaction was to cry. I rushed to the door and closed it, got dress and went out to talk to him. He was completely inconsolable, crying for over 20 min. all he kept on saying is that we we're disgusting! After he calmed down a bit, he told his father and I that he was going to tell his grandparent what we did (OMG).

As it is we already have some concerns regarding his behavior. His father F*** up by letting his watch some "Family Guy" episodes, assuming he was a baby he knew nothing.Its come back to bight us right in the a**. He swears like a sailor. Gridded his body on another child once. Trying to kiss other little girls. Pulling his pants down to expose himself in public!

I feel as if i failed as a mother.

I don't think he will forget over night. HE has a good memory. He brings up things that have happen months ago.

How do I explained what he seen?!

How do I make him better?

I am scared to tell his Doctor, but I don't want my son to grow up to be a sicko, pervert. What to do? HELP!


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Michelle - posted on 08/30/2012




My first question is why were you on his bed?

Are you sure that he got the rude language from Family Guy or do other people around you swear without realizing it?

You really need to keep an eye on what he is exposed to as at his age he only acts out what he sees and says what he hears.

Let him know that he's not to touch others and that no one should be touching him either.

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