my 4th grade daughter is being bullied

Terri - posted on 03/15/2015 ( no moms have responded yet )




Hi everyone I have never done anything like this before,but I am desperate.
I am a disabled,homebound mother my husband is a wonderful mr mom he became friends with a group of moms about three years ago they did everything together,even switching back and forth between our pool and another families pool every summer well this last spring the queen bee mom ,as I call her and I had a stupid tiff and we ended it by just agreeing to disagree,or so I thought summer came and she had swimming at her house only leaving my daughter out of the group the other moms in the group have also stopped their girls from playing with mine. My daughter was heartbroken I tried several times to talk to the queen bee mom,but she ignored any attempt I made. Now my daughter goes to school in september and not only will these girls not play with her, but every attempt she has made at making new ffriends have been squashed by these girls my daughter copes in school, and then comes home and falls apart what do I do do I try to have her moved to another elementary school within the district or leave her at this school feeling isolated

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